Andreivia 2018 Part 1 – Before the Battle

On the weekend of 7th & 8th April, I travelled up to stay in the rather pleasant little village of Dungworth near Sheffield to join fellow wargamers to play in the imaginary nation of Andreivia – somewhere near the Black Sea, in 1918. The Andreivian nation was in the throes of its own civil war between the existing state and Communist revolutionaries. The Communist revolution had overspilled from Russia, from whence also came White and Red Russian forces to promote their own agendas. The ever opportunistic Turks had also sent an expeditionary force, as had the British, at the height of their empire and feeling that they had a duty to act as international policemen. All of these forces, each with their own agenda conflicting with all the rest, met near the Andreivian capital of Tcherbevan and battle commenced. Here are some shots of the terrain they fought over:


The Town of Kedelkalak in the North


Looking towards Tcherbevan from Kedelkalak

IMG_0344Looking south from Kedelkalak

IMG_0345Some generals cogitating (L-R Andy Canham, Ian Shaw, the back of Richard Crawley 😉 and Richard Phillips

IMG_0346Looking north across the outskirts of Tcherbevan (armoured train and warehouse) towards Kedelkalak

IMG_0347Downtown Tcherbevan from hills to the south.

IMG_0348River and coast with impressive lighthouse west of Tcherbevan


Southwestern coast, rivers & bridges

IMG_0350Looking north on the western flank

IMG_0352The view towards Tcherbevan from the west

IMG_0353Looking across the Southern reaches with gunboat and landing barges in the foreground